I didn’t choose the rodeo life, the rodeo life chose me

I’m beyond grateful for the adventure and freedom that has come from being a rodeo wife. I haven’t worked since the year my husband and I married, which just so happens to coincide with the first year he made the NFR. As I said before, I’m grateful for the opportunity to do what I want when I want, go where I go with whom I want to go and raise my daughter in a lifestyle I’m proud to be a part of. However, I miss my old grind more and more everyday. It’s one of those consequences that some of us full time rodeo WAGS seem to bury and hide. Kind of like the fact that we just wore our really expensive sponsored boutique western wear in a hot Port-a-potty full of aggressive flies and Redneck vomit just before we instagrammed our #OOTD.

Twice now I’ve tried to go back to my pre-rodeo career and twice I’ve failed. It seems Rodeo just isn’t finished with me yet. My first attempt was a serious tragedy! Prior to moving to TX, I’d interviewed and accepted a job offer from a beautiful young business owner whom I clicked with instantly. In fact my interview lasted 3hours because we got so caught up in conversation. Just a week before we were to relocate and I was to jump start my career I got one of the most surreal and tragic phone calls. My new boss had suddenly passed away and her husband wasn’t sure if he would continue or sell her business….. it sold. My second attempt was more recently when I had finished and passed through a video interview for MY DREAM JOB. I was offered a final interview and kindly had to decline because my husband, who has still thankfully been successful in his rodeo career aka extreme gambling begged me to reconsider. So here I am, co-piloting a rodeo rig, forever chute help, meal prepping for a one year old and an athlete, and acting as a personal travel agent.

Let’s get real. The point is (to my husband and maybe a few others out there as well)….

husbands, boyfriends, lovers or partners who are blessed with a full time rodeo assistantship; please for the love of god, when you begin to complain, or make excuses, or just simply hangry on the rodeo trail; remember this…. this was not our dream. We have now adopted your dream, we want so badly for you to succeed that we’ve willingly and are actively suppressing our dreams to help you achieve yours. Because we love you and ultimately we love rodeo, just be mindful of that next time you become sour. We are lucky to have stumbled into this life with you, but maybe, perhaps you are even luckier to have had us stumble upon you. Because maybe that extra support was just what you needed to handle that stress, because maybe that love is what helped you to push your dream further, because maybe our sacrifices are what catapulted you into your dreams.

Late to the Party: NFR ‘17 Makeup Trends… who to marry, who to kill…

The Levity and Lipstick blog was created as a beauty/makeup/esthetic blog… I quickly (like as in one short entry) realized that beauty blogging is extraordinary difficult. Really, how much time can one spend passionately writing about a highlighter and as a reader how much narrative is necessary other than “it is a stunning cool toned champagne liquid highlight that looks great on everybody.” ? Obviously talking about the not new, but new to me ABH Liquid Glow in “Perla.” Anyway, it’s clear that I can’t sit down and really let true creativity flow in the direction of a beauty or fashion blog all the time. I would though, like to dedicate this entry to my OG niche by revisiting some of the 2017 NFR makeup trends. Better late than never!

Let’s begin with the trends straight from heaven…

1. LASHES… long lashes, bold lashes, fluffy lashes, everything lashes! Maybe it’s all of this R&F Lashboost that’s been going around or it could be the fact that investing in lash extensions can make even the orneriest of morning witches wake up feeling like a glamazonian fembot. Whatever it be, let it be.

2. Natural brows. Having a few stray brow hairs used to mean nearly blinding yourself with tweezers whilst trying to keep the rig in a straight line on California’s tragic highway system. Not anymore ladies! Let them be shapely but free. Goodbye harsh lines, hello soft angelic facial framers. And if you weren’t brought into this world as half Neanderthal… microblading saves lives and time.

3. The wet highlight… not the glittery, Tinkerbell looking, obviously artificial stripe of so called “glow” I’m talking the sat in a sauna for a sec and started glistening like the goddess that you are “GLOW.”

And now the “please for the love of God, NO” trends…

1. This should come as no shock, please for the love of God, stop highlighting your entire face! Especially with sparkly ass rainbow colored chalk. You are not blinding haters, you’re just summoning, I don’t know, fairy demons.

2. Next really isn’t a trend, it’s more of a consequence. Contour and baking can transform your look into something spectacular… if done appropriately. Both are best with the “less is more” kinda groove if you feel me. I saw a lot of makeup at the NFR this year and I don’t mean a lot of different looks… I mean like fuckin’ cake face a lot of makeup! Girls, we can do better, there are 10 year olds on YouTube that can teach you how to contour. Watch them, learn from them, replicate them; leave the clown act to JJ and I know rodeo fashion loves animal print, but let us find our makeup inspo from something other than a zebra. Ya dig?!

In conclusion, NFR ’17 was full of beauty highs and lows…. it was both tasteful and tacky…. populated by both fashionistas and slut shamers, but what’s new? Viva Las Vegas Baby 💋

Blowing OG Smoke

Greed and envy, two of the seven deadly sins, and in my opinion the easiest to commit. Living in an era of social media being our main source of entertainment and with such ease of access, the size of our egos are almost so big that navigating through real life has become almost impossible without the satisfaction of the “like” button. Our media pages are full of edited photos with captions of “OG” and “trend setter.” In the wake of such edited images being celebrated, living truthfully and without the need of acceptance has become obsolete. My life is not perfect, in fact far from it. I am also extremely guilty of both editing my images as well as my personality in order to better market myself to the world wide web. More recently, I’ve been overcome with a sense of responsibility to myself as well as daughter to find peace within my life and how ordinary it is. I ask you this … who are you really, and how does you Instagram differ from your true self? What do you really look like when you wake up…. And do you really care if Facebook approves? Will you change your profile picture if you feel like someone might swipe left because your tits are unevenly padded? Let’s drop the act, if you want to post about how ridiculously trendy you are, then you better be blowing some god damn minds with your fashion choices, and if you’re going to claim to have undoubtedly started a trend then I better see some one of a kind pieces that have never even graced a runway. If you so feel this is unattainable, then perhaps you should claim the mediocrity of your actuality. Because sometimes that’s what the rest of us wish we could have, is a run of the mill, unremarkable hero to make us feel like maybe our simple lives are better than the imaginary ones we’ve posted to snap chat. Without the greed for a double tap, we can surrender the heaviness of envy from our constant scrolling.

Pic cred to Reins and Roses Photography 



Rod-eo and Fields 

There is no doubt that multilevel marketing brands are here to stay and there seems to be a correlation between the affluence of these brands and rodeo. In order to succeed you must have self discipline and fully dive into your goals without fear of an initial investment in both career paths. The more effort each individual spends educating themselves on either the topic or event also seems to improve their earnings, but there is one advantage rodeo contributes to anyone involved in network marketing…. a supportive reticulum that spans the country and the freedom to travel to new opportunities. The lifestyle may not be glamorous, but it’s outreach is incredible. The rodeo community is not confined to any one location which makes for an endless opportunity for network growth. The WWW can sometimes seem ingenuous, but meeting a retailer in the flesh makes for a more trustworthy transaction. Not to mention the ongoing support received from peers with the same goals is bound to produce all the incentives necessary to promote prosperity. Good on you rodeo guys and gals for discovering a niche within our community and bringing light to our positive culture. 

Rodeo WAGS

Rodeo is a sport; it is a demanding sport. Physically demanding, mentally demanding and financially demanding, for both the athlete and their families. Being a wife or girlfriend to a professional rodeo athlete is nothing like what is portrayed on the addictive and most definitely scripted “reality” show. The main difference, Rodeo WAGS get down and dirty. When duty calls we do not hire somebody, we do it ourselves. Our lives consist of waking up and feeding livestock, mucking stalls, helping drive in the wee hours of the night and dining at Chevron food-marts. Our lives do not consist of personal trainers to keep our waists trim, brunch on Sunday’s with the girls and lavish vacations every term. Nor do we create drama within the “click” we work together in order to maintain our sanity and we genuinely care about the safety of other WAGS and Athletes. 

When it comes to fashion… do not  assume we are frumpy followers. Honey, we fucking slay the fashion game. Style and creativity come easily as we are surrounded by inspiration with every curve of every interstate. Rodeo WAGS are beauty, brains and bronze, do not underestimate what lies beneath this ball cap and souvenir t-shirt. When the finals role around or wedding bells ring some serious sex appeal and curvaceous confidence will be served by each and every Rodeo WAG! 

Wearing “Skin Tight” in Featured Image Click Here to buy it now!!!! 

Open your Closet and be Resurrected 

It ain’t over til’ it’s over, but I’ve been trying to think positively and preparing myself for the possibility of going to the NFR this December for the first time to support my husband. It could be his first qualification, but more importantly it would be my first trip to Las Vegas as a legal adult and I plan on taking full advantage of Sin City if the opportunity presents itself. The idea of Vegas got me thinking… Wtf does a legal adult wear to Vegas? The problem is, the fact that this last year I’ve worked full-time as a wifeager/asst. driver/stall cleaner, which has really taken a toll on my personal style. I traded in my urban casual wardrobe full of hippie dresses, leather Moto boots and edgy blouses for rodeo appropriate boot cut jeans and souvenir T-shirts. Being surrounded by Western Bo Ho beauties has also contributed to my fashion confusion. Fringe, turquoise and layering bold jewelry has never been my thing, but you’d never know it looking at my latest Pinterest saves. 
All of this confusion has led me to severe Instagram scrolling, in the midst of trying to revive my style I discovered some damn fashion gems!!! Here are the top five Instagram boutiques/fashion personalities that have brought me back to life. If you struggle with your wardrobe as much as I do, I highly recommend checking these sites out for some serious inspo!!!

Shop.Misha In Puyallup, WA. Although I didn’t get to visit during the Washington State fair and rodeo this year, I am seriously obsessed with their unique pieces and super cool vibes. I plan on making a special play trip to their boutique a priority next summer when we are back in town. (The store is less than 10 minutes from the Puyallup Rodeo Arena) until then I will be shopping online!!

(pairs well with Ponytail)

Envie Boutique In Visalia, CA. Not only is Shane (the beautiful mind behind the boutique) a serious babe, but the vibe she has bestowed upon the boutique is every girls dream. Classy, sassy and on trend while still unique. Also, super convenient as you can shop there Instagram, find something you like, pay via email invoice and have it shipped to you.

(Pairs well with Copperpipe)

The Holy Mountainism Based out of Philadelphia, this is badass, mysterious and flirty handmade jewelry. Not for the lighthearted, this is seriously rebellious, must have custom pieces.

(pairs well with Skin Tight)

Vinyl Ranch (Nashville, TN) more of fashion inspiration then an actual shop, but holy Western is it a beautiful Instagram. The perfect combination of Western heritage and country music with a modern twist. I could scroll on this page forever! Little bit country, little bit rock ‘n’ roll and everything I wish I could be all on one site.

(pairs well with Dooby-do)

Backbite In Los Angeles, CA. This shop is my spirit animal, their Instagram bio describes it all: “So-CAL femme fatale mob slingin the baddest vintage and handmade goods you’ll ever find in one place. ”

(pairs well with French Kiss)

Shop on my friends, shop on 💋 

Cover photo in my typical souvenir t-shirt wearing Copperpipe Lipgloss available to purchase online Click Here to make it yours! 

Throwing Some Serious Shade: Levity & Lipstick Color of the Week

We wear metallic skirts, paint metallic polish on our nails, so you better believe were going to apply some metallic pigment to our cowboy kissers. I am biased, but also absolutely obsessed with Dooby-doo.

Dooby-doo is a creamy, coppery metallic lipstick with flecks of gold for an extra dewy appearance. Don’t be intimidated by the description when applied it looks like the most beautiful neutral shimmer that looks great with all skin types, but exceptionally well with a little bit of a summer glow. For any of you girls that are like me and are highlighter obsessed, think of this lippie as just that, a stunning neutral lipstick with flecks of gold to attract the lip and enhance your pout.

Now obviously Levity and Lipstick is not the first to publicize this trend, Jeffree Star, Kylie Cosmetics, Milani and many others in the industry have been lusting over the new fad, but now Levity and Lipstick is jumping on board, because it is seriously stunning! But what makes Dooby-doo stand out is it is NOT a liquid lipstick, meaning it is hydrating like a lip balm, easily applied and doesn’t wear off patchy. Real women in the real world don’t typically have 20 extra minutes during our morning routine to exfoliate our lips, hydrate and then tediously apply a liquid lipstick, just for it to flake off during breakfast/commute. Levity and Lipstick colors are made to be durable, long lasting and easy to apply.

Dooby-doo is the first of many metallic lipsticks to come! To order email skincarebydanika@gmail.com or DM @levityandlipstick on Instagram or PM on Levity and Lipstick’s Facebook Page.