Little Bit Country, Little Bit Rock n’ Roll, Mostly Confused as F***

In one breath I curse western fashion and in the next I am tattooing a horseshoe on my arm. I wear gothic and grungy leather jackets and an Aztec wool cross-body with suede fringe. I claim to be an English rider, but my horse currently has split reins and I refer to his canter as a lope now. I mostly struggle with my sense of style; the issue is that I have no style.

Rodeo fashion especially drives me bonkers. I love it, and I can’t stand it. It’s like that really dreamy ex that was a total f***ing idiot. Looks super appealing in someone else’s hands, but the minute you try it out you think it’s just the absolute worst thing EVER!!!! It all comes back to the fit, and what feels good. I tried on a designer fringe skirt once and when I looked in the mirror I swear to you I looked like a swifter duster.

Well I guess this blog is basically an advanced apology for if my style confuses the shit out of you or if I totally botch a look you once thought was trendy. In the meantime, I will stick with what I know… sarcastic graphic t-shirts and some dope ass lipstick.

Author: levityandlipstick

Licensed Esthetician in Oregon, California and Texas, All-Things-Beauty Enthusiast and wife to a Rodeo Cowboy (yup, cowboys still exist)

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