I forgot what it felt like…

Some of you may not know this, but my husband rodeos for a living (some of you may not know this but you can actually rodeo for  a living, it’s a real sport, which involves real athletes, which takes real talent and real work ethic). Because my husband rodeos for a living, he travels often, and because we are married and he travels often, i in turn travel often. Currently, we call Oakdale, Ca home as we spend the majority of the year in his hometown (Fall and Spring). The rest of the year is spent either in Texas (Winter) or my personal fav the Great NW (Summer). I was born and raised in the Portland area and only in the last few years did i move away to be closer to my then boyfriend, now hubby.


Moving to California was a much deeper decision than i had expected. I’ve always been a very stubborn and impulsive person. when i set my mind to something i do it, sometimes ignoring the possible repercussions that come along with the decision. Example: i drove to basically Tijuana to buy a 6 week old bloodhound puppy because my favorite movie at the time was Sweet Home Alabama and the bloodhound in that love story was adorable. what i didn’t realize was that it takes 6 months to potty train a bloodhound and their howls can be heard from miles away, and that they grow to 125 lbs. Bloodhounds aside, California was another one of those decisions. I transferred my Esthetics License and set off to Oakdale assuming i would be just as successful in my career moving to the Golden State as i was in my beloved home state leaving behind ultimately my favorite and most cushy of all gigs. I failed miserably in my first attempt at being an independent esthetician in renting a room at a beautiful, brand spankin’ new “IT” spa and salon in the Oakdale area. I knew nobody and therefore had no clients, also i spent my entire savings account on supplies and rent hoping the next month would miraculously pay my bills. After realizing my failure, i feverishly searched Craigslist for an actual employee based position with a little more income stability. Which i found, 3 hours away in the Bay Area as a babysitter to a team of hair stylists, or rather a receptionist and customer service representative to an extremely high maintenance client base for less money hourly than i was making in my first “real” job in high school at a local bakery. I lasted about 7-8 months before i found myself hoping to finally fall asleep at the wheel at 3 am on the dreaded 580 over the Altamont Pass. After that, i found what i thought to be a low-key, high-class boutique style day spa closer to home again working as an independent esthetician, but this time commission based pay structure and supplies were to be supplied to me. I stayed there for quite a while, until the day came that i realized the stress of trying to get along with some god damn dramatic women and fighting to defend my reputation was not worth the less than livable income i was generating. My esthi esteem had been broken and i gave up. I became a wifager (stall cleaner, organizer and scheduler for my husband). it was the best decision of my life.


I enjoyed the quite time at first, but then started to miss having goals to hit and well asking my husband for a paycheck is pretty hard to do when you’ve been financially independent since the age of 15 (minus the random bail out from mom and dad when my rent was going to be late because i went out the night before and spent entirely too much on booze.) My sister-in-law randomly put a bug in my ear about starting up my own brand of cosmetics….and because i am stubborn and impulsive 2 weeks later Levity and Lipstick was born.


Levity and Lipstick has been my saving grace, but still i was lacking that routine, schedule, and responsibility feeling that comes with a “real” job. Since summer was around the corner, and i couldn’t bare to stand another scorching summer stuck in the “cowboy capitol” Oakdale while my cowboy was chasing his dreams, i decided to head north for the summer. I seriously didn’t realize how homesick i was until my mind was made up to go “home” for the summer. in a leap of faith i reached out to a previous employer, Bask in the Sun, a  Tanning and Airbrushing Spa, located in Johns Landing, Portland, OR. This was the cushy dream position i had left for love. It’s the equivalent to my soul mate in terms of job match making. guess what….they were short-staffed for the summer and here i am married to my favorite cowboy and working seasonally for my favorite spa. Life is good and i am constantly reminded that everything happens for a reason. Fate has been my constant variable that has stabilized my forever impulsive instincts. If i hadn’t gone to my first rodeo, i wouldn’t have met the love of my life, if i hadn’t moved to California to be with the love of my life i wouldn’t have encountered job failure, if i wouldn’t have encountered job failure i would have never started Levity and Lipstick or appreciated what it feels like to have happiness and balance in both my love life as well as my career.

Clackamas_small          Bask in the Sun Tanning and Airbrushing Website



Author: levityandlipstick

Licensed Esthetician in Oregon, California and Texas, All-Things-Beauty Enthusiast and wife to a Rodeo Cowboy (yup, cowboys still exist)

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